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For information on the overall programme of work, please contact either of the co-Primary Investigators Dr Mona Jeffreys and Dr Clive Aspin.

For information on each of the projects, please contact the following individuals:

Project 1: Macro Level – National Picture and Policy – Trends in primary health care:
Dr Maite Irurzun Lopez
Dr Mona Jeffreys

Project 2: Macro/Meso Level – Policy, governance, strategy and planning:
Dr Lesley Middleton
Associate Professor Tim Tenbensel

Project 3: Meso/ Micro Level – Service Delivery – Implementation and impact of new models of care
Dr Lesley Middleton

Project 4: A Professional Lens – Pharmacists
Dr Caroline Morris
Dr Tara Officer

Project 5: Raranga Tāngata, Oranga Tāngata
Dr Lynne Russell

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